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Richmond County Health Department
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Tommy Jarrell, PhD, Health Director


October 9, 2018

The Post Florence Mosquito Control and Spraying Project for Richmond County is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, October 10, 2018.

Below are FAQ:

• Who will be providing the mosquito abatement in the county?
Gregory Pest Solutions-Charlotte, NC

• When will Gregory Pest Solutions begin the mosquito abatement in the county?
Larvicidal treatment will begin Wednesday October 10, 2018 with ground spraying to follow and be completed by Wednesday October 17, 2018, (weather permitting).
• What time of the day will spraying occur?
Spraying will occur from 7:00pm-5:00am daily, weather permitting.
• Will the weather affect the mosquito abatement process?
Yes.  Ground spraying cannot occur in the rain or when wind speeds are 10 mph or greater.  
• What products will Gregory Pest Solutions use for mosquito abatement?
Four Star Briquettes will be used as a larvicidal treatment and Aqua-Reslin will be used as the adulticide.
• Are these products harmful to bees?
The briquettes are not harmful to bees however the adulticide spray is harmful.  We ask all beekeepers to cover each hive on clear nights when spraying will occur through October 17, 2018.
• What should I do if I have an ornamental fish pond?
If it is more than 100 feet from a roadway, you don’t need to do anything. If you are concerned, cover the pond at night with a tarp or plastic covering.
Large fish ponds or lakes are ok at any distance.

• Do I need to bring in my pets or other animals?
No, animals and pets are perfectly safe from the spray.
• Do I need to bring in toys or furniture from outside?
No, there is no residue left from the spray.

• What should I do if I see the mosquito spray truck?
If you are driving, don’t tailgate and pass when it is safe. Our drivers have a remote control in the cab and will turn the spray off when vehicles approach.
If walking, do not approach the vehicle and go inside if possible. Again, if we see you, we will do everything possible to avoid close contact by turning off the machine

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The Mission of the Richmond County Department of Social Services is to develop and implement human services programs which are intended to promote the health, well-being, self sufficiency and protection of families, children and adults within our communities.

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