Food & Nutrition

Food and Nutrition Services (Food Stamps) is for low-income families to assist them in affording nutritional foods.  You receive the assistance by obtaining Electronic Benefit Transfer cards (EBT cards)

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Three ways to apply for Food and Nutrition Services (Food Stamps):

  1. Apply online with ePASS
  2. Apply in person at Richmond County Department of Social Services (DSS);  Please fill out the application ahead of time
  3. Fill out a paper application and mail it to or drop it off at DSS

Call  910-997-8422 if one of these methods will not work for you. 

Watch the video on how to apply online with ePass.

  1. Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)
  2. Eligibility
  3. Replacement/Supplement Request
  4. Nutrition Education
  5. Simplified Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP)



Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) is an electronic system that replaced paper food stamps with a plastic card that is similar to a credit or bank card. Recipients use EBT cards to access FNS benefits. EBT cards can be used at any USDA authorized retailer. Most major grocery stores are USDA authorized retailers. 

How does EBT work?
Food and Nutrition Services recipients apply for their benefits by filling out a form at their local DSS office or online with ePass. Once benefits have been determined, an account is established in the recipeint's name, and benefits are deposited electronically in the account each month. the reciepient recieves a plastic card, like a bank card and a personal identification number (PIN) is assigned or chosen by the recipient that gives access to the account. 

Recipients may change the PIN at any time. Training is available to recipients who have any problems accessing the system.

When paying for groceries, the recipient's card is run through the electronic reader, and the recipient enters the PIN to access the account. If there are benefits in the account, the recipient's account is debited for the amount of the purchase. The store receipt shows the amount of benefits remaining in the recipient's account.

EBT Issuance Information
Your EBT benefits will be available on the same day each month according to the last digit of your social security number, even if that day is on weekend or holiday.

If your SSN ends in:Your benefits will be available after 6 a.m. on the:
13rd day of every month
25th day of every month
37th day of every month
49th day of every month
511th day of every month
613th day of every month
715th day of every month
817th day of every month
919th day of every month
021st day of every month

Benefits are available on the 3rd day of every month if you do not have a Social Security Number.

Remember to check your balance before you shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
Immediately report it by calling 1-888-622-7328

How do I change my PIN?
To change your PIN, call the toll-free number on the back of your EBT card. Follow the automated instructions to change the PIN. Assistance is available from a customer service representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What if I forgot my PIN?
If you forget your PIN, you must call 1-888-622-7328 to get a new PIN. If you try to use the wrong PIN four times in a row, you will be required to select a new PIN or wait until after 12:01 a.m. the next day to try again.

How can I check my balance?
There are several ways to check FNS balances 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using your card number, you can: