Community Care

Community Care Clinic:

The Adult Nurse Practitioner offers health screenings to clients 21 years and older. Annual physical examinations and acute care are provided. Some conditions may require a physician's consultation and/or referral. Services includes:
Acute Care
Preventive Care
Appointments Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm and Friday from 8:00 am -12:00pm.

Effective immediately: The Richmond County Health Department’s Community Care Clinic will be accepting clients  21 years of age or older.  
Potential clients must meet the following eligibility criteria:
•    Must be a resident of Richmond County
•    Must be a United States citizen
•    Must be 21 years of age or older
•    Cannot have insurance, supplemental insurance, or only Medicare A and B
•    Must be below 200% of Federal Poverty Level
The cost to be seen in the Richmond County Community Care Clinic is based on a sliding fee scale of household income.
**The eligibility criteria for family planning clients are different than above.
Call (910) 997-8302 today to find out more information.
Clients are seen by appointment only.


Notice of Fee Changes

Due to the rising costs of healthcare the Richmond County Health Department Community Care Clinic has found it necessary to implement a new fee structure to be effective May 1, 2015. The new fee structure will be as follows:
Sliding Fee Scale % New Co-Pay (Patient Responsibility)
Lab Draws $20.00
0%             $20.00
30%           $30.00
40%           $35.00
50%           $40.00
60%           $45.00
70%           $50.00
80%           $55.00
90%           $60.00
100%         $65.00

We understand that the co-pay will increase for some clients. We hope you understand that you are getting regular check-ups, lab work and for most clients enrolled in the Community Care Clinic, free medication through the Pharmacy Assistance Program. Even with the increased fee structure, you will not be able to get the numerous services provided through this clinic anywhere else for the above mentioned rates.
With this change-over to a flat co-payment for all clients, you will now know what you owe each time you are seen in the Community Care Clinic.
Thank you for allowing the Richmond County Health Department to serve your healthcare needs.