Food, Lodging and Institutions


Food, lodging, and institution sanitation helps to ensure the public that establishments operating in Richmond County meet the minimum sanitation standards as required by the NC Department of Health and Human Services. Richmond County Environmental Health Specialists routinely inspect all the following establishments.
•    Hotels, Motels, Inns
•    Restaurants, Food Stands
•    Summer Camps
•    Meat Markets
•    Schools and Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Day Care Centers, Jails
•    Nursing and Rest Homes, Residential Care
•    Push Carts, Mobile Food Units 

Inspections include the establishment's level of cleanliness, food handling practices, and proper food protection during preparation, storage, and transportation. After inspection, the establishment receives a certified card with a Grade of A, B, or C. Each establishment is required to display their Grade Card in a prominent location for the public to view.

New and temporary food establishments in Richmond County must have applicable permits. Inspectors will work closely with owners and management to ensure the quality and safety of food service is compliant with the rules and regulations of North Carolina.

Environmental Health Rules


Establishment Grades


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