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The North Carolina Division of Public Health uses Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant funding to administer the Healthy Communities Program through the Chronic Disease and Injury Section (CDI Section). This funding provides on-the-ground flexibility for Richmond County Health Department or other Local Health Departments (LHDs) to address community-specific needs that relate to chronic diseases. Healthy Communities collects county data which is combined into a state accountability report to the CDC and is not county-specific.  All data is combined together into an annual report and published on the NC Health Communities webpage.  

2019-2020 NC Healthy Communities Report

Richmond County Public Health Education Department 

Health Education Department is responsible for implementing and coordinating health education programs and wellness interventions for the citizens of Richmond County. Each month, we support National Health Observances by educating the public about specific health concerns through local events, campaigns, social media, and resource guides. We also run several programs to assist our residents on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.  

If your organization, civic group, or workplace would like any additional information on health awareness, or health-related materials, or would like a health awareness presentation please contact us at (910) 997-8292.  

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Current Programs:

  • Prevent T2 Diabetes
    • The Prevent T2 Lifestyle Change Program is a year-long adventure in learning how to make minor adjustments in your lifestyle that lead to significant changes in your overall health and keep you from developing Type 2 Diabetes. You work with a trained lifestyle coach who guides you in discovering those needed adjustments and helps you fit them into your schedule and life. 
  • FreshStart Smoking/Vaping Cessation
    • The Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist provides free cessation services to any Richmond County resident who needs help quitting tobacco products and overcoming their nicotine addiction. Even if you are not ready to quit yet, the FreshStart program will give you the tools necessary to quit when you are ready.  
  • Baby Easy Safe Sleep Training (BESST)
    • This is a 1-hour class for expectant mothers (third trimester) to learn about ways to reduce the risk of sleep-related infant death, SIDS, tummy time,  vaccinations, breastfeeding, and car seat safety as well as discussion on what a safe sleep environment looks like.  

2020 Richmond County Community Resource Guide 

Richmond County Resource Guide lists possible resources in the Richmond County area. Inclusion in the Community Resource Guide does not imply endorsement by Richmond County Health Department or Richmond County Government, and exclusion does not indicate disapproval. Richmond County does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the Community Health Resource Guide information.  

If you or your organization wish to be included in this guidebook, please contact Richmond County Public Health Education Department at (910) 997-8292.  

Richmond County Community Resource Guide


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